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As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I’m a big fan of intuitive models, especially those that draw parallels between different fields. What better way to understand complex phenomena than some good ol’ analogies? Ideology aside, I hope this article provides you with some insights into the brain through the lens of economics. 😊

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· Table of contents
· Bridging micro and macro
· Land, labor, capital
· Labor
· Allocating scarce resources
Oxygen and glucose
· Inflation and bankruptcy
· Inflation
· Bankruptcy
· Takeaways
· About the author
· Sources and further…

Who I am

Hello there! My name is Danielle and I’m a 17-year-old from New York. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!

In a nutshell: Computational neuroscience researcher. Lover of math and music. Advocate for social justice.

What I do

Computational neuroscience research. In spring of 2019, I began working at the Laboratory for Computational Neurodiagnostics at Stony Brook University. The lab’s work lies in the intersection of physics, mathematics, and neuroscience, and it’s been an incredible experience learning alongside so many brilliant individuals. …

I would like to note that I wrote this article with humorous intent, so please don’t take me too seriously. I do not mean to boast or offend, only make you chuckle.

The Grateful Dead members. Image from Michael Ochs Archives.

On the spectrum of Grateful Dead to Steely Dan, how pretentious are you? This is often how the question is phrased, especially since the former band — founded by Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, Phil Lesh, and Bill Kreutzmann — is deemed the gold standard of vibrant live performances and the latter band — founded by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker — “the gold standard in…

Nowadays, almost every item on the market can be personalized. Your feet are flat and you have tendonitis? There’s a shoe just for you. You’re a picky eater and need complete control over the toppings on your burrito bowl? Use the Chipotle app to select your preferred rice, beans, and veggies (I’m not sponsored by Chipotle, I just like burrito bowls).

But when it comes to medicine and health, we are lacking in the individualized approach department. Despite the incredible growth of technology over the past few decades, we don’t fully understand how different people develop diseases and respond to…

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When I first started working at a neuroscience lab in 2018, I had to read a lot of scientific literature. Though important, learning dry, neuroanatomy facts can be a bit boring. What I found most helpful was reading interdisciplinary science papers that discussed the theory behind models and incorporated some philosophy/mathematics perspectives.

The reason why I love mathematical and theoretical models so much is that they make complex concepts intuitive. You can get insight on how signals are transmitted through the brain by examining the behavior of slime mold, which optimize their creation of tubes to best access energy, or…

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So this is kind of a followup to my previous article, “Why ‘M’ is the most important letter in STEM (and the alphabet).” I realized that for those who really want to immerse themselves in math — bathe in it, consume it, breathe it, live it — the resources I provided at the end of that article were not sufficient.

This realization was sparked by a fellow TKS innovator, Azam (thank you!), who is embarking on the journey towards mathematical enlightenment. Of course, I’m not claiming to have achieved mathematical enlightenment myself. If I had, I would’ve sought monetary profit…

I don’t mean to flex when I say this (or maybe I do 💪), but I finished the BC calculus curriculum in seventh grade. Now, as a senior in high school, I’m taking “Analysis and Optimization” at Columbia University. (In case you’re curious, the class deals with the problem of minimizing/maximizing a given function over a set of variables, satisfying given constraints.)

In elementary school, I was deemed a student with a slight natural predisposition for math, but had relatively average scores on the mathematical problem-solving tests meant to weed out the “geniuses” from the “commoners”. How did I, of…

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Disclaimer: I am not endorsing nutritional ketosis as a supplement to or replacement for medication. More research is needed to better understand both the potential benefits and side effects of the ketogenic diet (KD).

Would you be surprised if your doctor put you on a diet allowing you to eat an entire block of cream cheese, a pile of crispy bacon, or a nice, juicy, T-bone steak — in order to lose weight? I know I would!

All of these foods and more proudly hold the KD stamp of approval. High in saturated fat and extremely low in carbohydrates, the…

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Have you ever listened to a song that sent shivers down your spine? That, quite literally, struck a chord within you and hit that sonic sweet spot? We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives — the odd instinct to cry as the singers join in ethereal harmony, the flutter of your heart when the next chord is unexpected, but satisfyingly so. For me, it’s happened with a great many songs, ranging from Steely Dan’s “Bad Sneakers” to Foster the People’s “Nevermind.”

Danielle Gruber

👋 I’m a 17-year-old innovator at The Knowledge Society, with interests in neuroscience, computer science, math, and everything in-between!

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